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Web Site Status and Updates

Check this page often to see the changes and additions that we have made in our website. The website is changing almost every day as we add more hair styles to it!

1-23-09 - Added links to Jon Renau Wig Colors to the O'solite and some of the Monotop line of wigs.

1-24-09 - Added this Web Site Status page, removed discontinued styles from Jon Renau Monotop line and added all individual product pages for the Jon Renau monotop product line along with color choices.

1-25-09 - Added Jon Renau Large size wigs

1-27-09 - Added Easihair Formal Affair individual product pages. Started adding product pages for Jon Renau Classic line. First 10 have been added.

2-3-09 - Started adding new feature which will show front, side and back views of the wigs. This is now being added to the Jon Renaul O'solite line of wigs. the first 6 wigs of this line are now done.

2-4-09 - Added separate product views for the Jon Renau O'solite Halle and Jazz wigs.

2-6-09 - Added product views to 1st page of Jon Renau Clissic line of wigs. Many with multiple views available.

2-7-09 - Moved all petite wigs for Jon Renau to the Petite page. Reorganized the Jon Renau classic pages. Adding more individual product pages.

2-15-09 - Finished adding product pages for Jon Renau Classic line. Now working on Jon Renau Petite wigs.

2-16-09 - Finished product pages for Jon Renau Petite wigs. finished product pages for Jon Renau Human Hair.

2-22-09 - Added new product line. Anokhi Scarves. Main page is online. Individual product pages coming soon.

2-27-09 - Finished putting individual pages for Anokhi online.

5-4-09 - Added individual product pages for Jon Renau Men's Wigs. Made corrections to Jon Renau Men's Toupees. More changes coming very soon!

5-5-09 - Added individual product pages for Jon Renau Men's toupees. Added Alan Thomas line of wigs!

5-10-09 - Grouped all petite size wigs onto their own page to make it easier to find these.

5-24-09 - Added EasiBangs, EasiLites Tape and EasiXtend 20" to site. Also added individual product pages to EasiHair Ponytails

6-4-09 - Added Jon Renau Hair Additons and new lace front wig by Jon Renau

9-13-09 - Added Raquel Welch line of wigs!

10-11-09 Added Freeform Raquel Welch wigs along with the first installment of Eva Gabor. Also removed some discontinued wigs from Jon Renua's Illusion line of wigs.