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Wig Care and Cleaning Instructions
General Hair Guidelines
One of the most common ways that synthetic wigs are damaged is heat! Heat will damage the synthetic fibers of the wig where they will become singed and partially melted. Once this happens, a professional will need to determine if the wig/hairpiece can be repaired. You should try to avoid all heat sources while wearing your wig. Common sources of heat is opening the oven door and having that rush of hot air hit your hair, cooking on the stove and steam heat is another source of damage. You should NEVER use rollers, curling irons or straightening irons on your synthetic hair. Synthetic wigs are pre-styled and with care should last you a long time. Store the wig in a cool, dry location with something like a handkerchief over the wig to keep dust off of it if you will not be using if for an extended period of time. Also, you should store it on a stand or head if possible to help it keep its shape and style. Please keep it away from pets.  Do not leave your wig in a car during summer.

If you have a longer style, you may want to pull the hair off of your back and onto your shoulder while in a car. The heat and rubbing motion of the hair between your back and the car seat will shorten the life of the hair and may make it look frizzy. Also, you should not sleep in your hair.

If your hair needs to be trimmed, I can do it for you in the shop or you should go to someone who is experienced with trimming wigs! There are limitations to how much a wig can be trimmed!

Wig Care Products
You should always use products such as hair spray, shampoo and conditioners that are made for wigs. You should not use the products that you purchase for your own human hair on wigs. However, you can use the products that are designed for wigs on your own hair. You just cannot use products for human hair on synthetic wigs. Use a wire brush without the knobs on the ends to brush your hair. You can also use a small pick or a teasing comb.

I sell several products in my store that you will need to care for your hair.

Wig Spray (aerosol) – A aerosol type hair spray.
Wig Spray (pump) - A pump type hair spray.
Wig Lustre – A light spray on conditioning spray with lanolin in it to help restore the sheen and softness to the wig between cleanings.
Wig Cleaner – A one step shampoo and conditioner for cleaning your hair.
Wig Shampoo – A separate shampoo for cleaning your hair
Wig Conditioner – A separate conditioner to recondition your hair following a shampooing.
Wig Travel Stand – A great stand for your hair while traveling or at home. Great for putting your hair on while drying after cleaning. This stand can be used for normal day to day storage of your hair. It easily folds up to go into a suitcase while traveling.

Normally under normal wear, your hair may need cleaning about once a month. However, this depends on each person such as how much wig spray you use or how much you perspire. You should be able to feel when your hair needs to be cleaned. These cleaning instructions apply both to human hair and synthetic hair wigs. You should still use products made for wigs on human hair wigs to extend the life of the wigs.

Cleaning with Wig Cleaner (one step method)
Place the hair in a clean sink or large bowl of cold water. Swish the hair around and let it soak for 15 or 20 minutes. Keep changing the water until the water is clear. This will help break up any accumulated dirt. After the water is clean, change the water and put about 4 oz of wig cleaner in cold water. Mix thoroughly and place the hair in the water making sure hair is completely covered by the water. Let it soak for 15 or 20 minutes. If it is really dirty, let it soak longer.  It does not hurt the hair if it soaks longer. After letting it soak, take the hair out of the water and blot it gently both on the inside and outside with a towel. There is no need to rinse the hair if you are using the one step Wig Cleaner. DO NOT BRUSH OR COMB THE HAIR WHILE WET!!!! Place the wig on a wig stand after blotting and let it air dry until completely dry. You should use a stand to dry your hair that allows the air to get around the top and inside of your wig. A travel stand that I sell works great. Also, place the hair on the stand as you normally wear it. Do NOT put it on sideways or inside out. You should not use a styrofoam head to dry your hair since this could stretch your wig. If your hair is a longer style or has curls, you may want to put a hair net over it while drying so the weight of the water does not straighten the curls. When dry, you can style your hair with a pick or brush and you are ready to wear your hair again.

Cleaning with the separate Wig Shampoo and Conditioner products.
The cleaning method is basically the same when using the separate Wig Shampoo and Wig Conditioner. The main difference is after soaking it in the shampoo, rinse the hair thoroughly. Then rinse the sink or bowl out and then put the conditioner and hair in cold water and let it soak for again for 15 or 20 minutes. After conditioning, you should then rinse the hair again, then blot it gently with a towel and place it on a stand to dry. When it is completely dry, you can style your hair with a pick or brush.